Healthy Minds for Business

Who Am I?

In my early thirties I was ready to push the self-destruct button. But I took a physical and mental step back and instead went for the reset button and sought help for what turned out to be an undiagnosed depression that grew stronger over the 25 years I lived with it.

This single, crucial decision to reconsider and turn my life around has been my inspiration to help others be brave enough to try something different in their life or business.

Not only did I learn to enjoy life, I also became a far better and more productive employee growing into an effective and valued manager, then director, and now business owner.

With plenty of real-life business experience, both good and bad, across different levels, industries and countries and a background in psychology, coaching, and counselling I look forward to helping you future proof your business.


About My Program


Who Is It For?

Business Owners/CEOs with 20+ employees who are struggling with absenteeism, people leaving, high recruitment costs, poor productivity, and poor team morale.

My program is for you if you want:

  • the best value for your staff budgets
  • an improved bottom line
  • a business that is strong and easier to run
  • a willing and highly productive workforce
  • great advocacy of your business internally and externally
Module One



Clear mindset, expectations, and tools required to identify, achieve, and maintain a healthy and productive workforce


First, we do the MindsetChallenge to clearly define what you want for your business. What you want, the company gets, so we have to set clear and realistic expectations.

Second step is the DataBooster where we will be doing an assessment of the current state of the business looking at the relevant people related measures such as

    • Absence levels, frequency, length, and reason
    • Staff turnover and reasons
    • Quality and customer complaints, performance, disciplinaries and grievances

    You will get a clear understanding of the main pain points in the company and what the company needs to focus on to overcome them. We will also address the importance of setting the right expectations and budgets to achieve the desired improvements.

    This module is the general starting point for the further specific and in-depth modules. We will be introducing employee surveys at this stage to cover all bases.

Module Two



Reducing the levels and cost of absenteeism and sustaining high productivity


In PriorityLaser, we will focus on why people go off sick or turn up for work when they are not fit to do so.
By using survey feedback, establishing employee KPIs relevant to your business, structured interviews and awareness workshops you will create your own statistics. From this knowledge base you can take specific and targeted action to resolve the issues you have uncovered. Some wellbeing issues are workplace specific and others come from life outside of work.
This will give you the basis and tools for supporting employee wellbeing in the best possible way in future.

Module Three



Reducing recruitment cost by building a resilient workforce with staying power


StaffStabiliser is where we look specifically at why people leave the company. We design an effective training and development programme. This will not only upgrade and maintain skills but also nurture people skills and positive and professional behaviours. We will finetune your processes and criteria for promotion and recruitment to ensure newly promoted employees are not left struggling with no one to talk to and that recruitment also focuses on selecting the personalities and behaviours that will be right for maintaining the supportive, professional, and compassionate culture that you are establishing.
All of this will help retain talent, reduce unnecessary recruitment cost, and keep talent within your company. You can explain why people stay in your business.

Module Four



Maintaining and improving overall business wellbeing and success in a competitive market


In your competitive marketplace, it is vital that all business-critical functions perform to the best of their ability. Seemingly small things can be a major roadblock to your sales force or to your operation in general, leading to disappointing sales figures and delivery and quality issues. We will go behind the scenes of performance issues and involve those affected to understand the challenges and issues and design ways of addressing what you can control and methods of dealing with what is beyond your control.
This module can be applied to any function or department in your business and will also look across the whole organisation for signs of conflict and employee disengagement in order to uncover and address the reasons so that you have a strong, resilient workforce to take your business forward
You will design a way of maintaining all the improvements you have put in place.

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